Suffolk County Criminal Defense Attorney Ira Weissman

Upon being graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 1993, Ira Weissman knew that he wanted to defend those who were accused of committing crimes.

He has always been struck by the principle that one arrested for a crime is presumed to be innocent:

It is one of the cornerstones of a truly free society.

Yet too often it seems that although it is said that they are presumed innocent, in reality, defendants are immediately treated as if they are guilty, both in a court of law and the court of public opinion.

It is the defense attorney’s job to make sure that his client is, in fact, presumed innocent. Mr. Weissman takes pride in defending people against accusations, whether they are truly innocent or actually guilty. He considers it a noble profession.

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Mr. Weissman began his career as a prosecutor in Brooklyn in 1994, but quickly realized that his true passion was not prosecuting those charged with committing crimes, but defending them. In 1995, he “switched sides” and began practicing with Eric W. Naiburg , who had gained local and national attention for handling high publicity cases. Over the last fifteen years, he has defended clients against everything from simple larceny to murder. He quickly earned a reputation for being unafraid to go to trial and enjoyed success in doing so.

He was invited to join the Suffolk County Criminal Bar Association’s Board of Directors, and currently presides as the president of the Suffolk County Criminal Bar Association.

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